Books on Oxford



OXFORD – by Tim Rawle

Tim Rawle’s OXFORD has been in preparation for some time as a companion volume to his book CAMBRIDGE, and a burgeoning portfolio of breath-taking photographs of this beautiful gem of an English city are approaching publication. The book will give the reader new insights into this amazing place that lies at the heart of England, both in its location and the history of the nation. It will cover the city, university and colleges, also taking in such nearby treasures as Blenheim Palace and exploring the River Thames as it flows through the city on its way to London. A potted history will trace the beginnings of Oxford from its earliest settlers through to the establishment of the university in the thirteenth century and the foundation of its many colleges over the following 750 years. There will be particular emphasis on the evolution of Oxford’s buildings and their architects, as well as on a selection of the many world-renowned writers, poets, artists, scientists and others who have immortalized the city.